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People and success are inseparable for us

Personality and authenticity count, the matter comes first, and we have high performance and quality standards for ourselves. HOERBIGER can only successfully shape change if we continuously develop our employees. The basis is a working environment that promotes new ideas - because ideas thrive in a context with a high tolerance for error and a willingness to take risks, coupled with a strong will to implement them.

Not only every single department, but every single employee is involved in the success of our company: At HOERBIGER, each and every one makes the difference.

Aladin Huwyler, Head of People & Culture

Brand values

The combination of the brand values – Pioneering Spirit, Courage, Fairness, and Closeness – gives the HOERBIGER Group an unmistakable profile. The values are innovation and culture drivers. They determine our daily work and our interaction with each other.

Our four values
Pioneering Spirit
Pioneering Spirit

For us, Pioneering Spirit means always being one step ahead of the market. Pioneering spirit is demonstrated by the will to tackle new things without already knowing the solution. We are constantly taking on new challenges, questioning the familiar and developing our own ideas. Being prepared to implement these independently is part of our corporate culture.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to people inside and outside the company is part of our philosophy. At the end of 2019, HOERBIGER launched the three-year project "Ler é Bom" - Reading is Good - together with the Pestalozzi Children's Village Foundation. This promotes the reading and writing skills of primary school students in 20 educational institutions in Mozambique. HOERBIGER supports the project with 100,000 Swiss francs annually.

On the occasion of the company's 125th anniversary, HOERBIGER donated to six food banks worldwide: New Delhi (India), Kajang (Malaysia), Johannesburg (South Africa), Buenos Aires (Argentina), as well as Fort Lauderdale and Youngstown (USA). The fundraising campaign called on all employees to put their knowledge of the company to the test in an online quiz. In total, over 2,800 employees took part and raised the symbolic target sum of 125,000 euros: 1,000 euros per year of the company's history.

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