Yearbook 2023/24



Edition 2023/2024

Ladies and gentlemen, Dear employees,

The HOERBIGER team achieved great progress in 2023: Together, we continued our profitable growth, drove pioneering innovation projects, and grew closer as a Group in order to learn from each other. The result is an impressive revenue of 1.416 billion euros and plenty of confidence and motivation to pursue our chosen path together.

Our thanks and recognition go to all our employees: We value your daily commitment and know that such a positive result would not have been possible without your dedication. HOERBIGER’s business success is also your own personal success, which you can be proud of, especially in these very turbulent times. As representatives of all employees, we profile some colleagues from around the world and from all business areas who have made HOERBIGER’s success possible in this Yearbook. They are #TeamHoerbiger.

And now ?!! For us, this is not a question, but a clear statement: We will continue to execute our plan to grow profitably in a consistent, ambitious and optimistic manner. The 2024 financial year has got off to a promising start. Since the beginning of the year we have strengthened our existing business with two acquisitions, and further ones will enable us to move into adjacent or new business areas. We are working on expanding our product portfolio in the areas of emission reduction, sustainability and safety. Our innovation projects are our top priority. They are the most important drivers of HOERBIGER’s transformation and profitable growth.

It goes without saying that we would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and partners – for their collaboration, support and loyalty.

We hope you enjoy reading this report.

Reports from the Business Areas 

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Yearbook 2023/2024
Compression – Strategy and market development support growth course

The Compression Division recorded a significant increase in sales in 2023 and secured its leading global position in compressor service. A new plant in China and new service locations in Saudi Arabia and the USA are supporting global expansion. Rapid progress is also being made in the field of hydrogen mobility.

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Team Schongau
Yearbook 2023/2024
Automotive – Turnaround in the existing business – transformation towards e-mobility and hydrogen technology

The Automotive Division is back on the road to success. Consistent cost management, structural measures, operational excellence, the joint bearing of material and energy cost increases, and price adjustments with customers have all improved profitability.

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Team Waukegan
Yearbook 2023/2024
Rotary – On course for growth despite decline in sales

The Rotary Business Unit successfully continued its profitable expansion in 2023. Although the Unit suffered a decline in sales due to the volatility of the semiconductor industry, normalization of the market since the end of 2023 gives Rotary confidence that it will return to its growth path in 2024.

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Team Girard
Yearbook 2023/2024
Engine – Ready for the energy of tomorrow with today's expertise

With growth of 21.6 percent, the Engine Business Unit was able to continue the positive trend of previous years and can look back on a strong financial year. This is due to the surprising revival of the oil and gas industry and significant progress in innovation, particularly in the field of hydrogen.

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Team Marlborough
Yearbook 2023/2024
Safety – Growth initiatives lead to exceptional 2023 results

Continuing its strategy of bringing value to customers with product innovation, global expertise, local support and increased competitiveness through operational excellence, the Safety Business Unit generated strong sales and profit growth in 2023. Safety is also expected to grow further in 2024.

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