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Your partner for complete recip repairs in the U.S. and Canada

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At HOERBIGER, service is not just about repairing our customers’ components. It’s about meeting all of your short and longer-term service needs – by assessing components wear patterns and service histories, and identifying ways to increase reliability. With our comprehensive expertise, we can help improve the reliability, efficiency, and environmental soundness of your compressors. Our highly skilled technicians and best-in-class engineering experts deliver the timely service and upgrades you need to reach the next level of compressor operations, while also helping you meet your emissions goals.

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We can help you lower your emissions and meet stricter environmental standards, while also lowering costs and maximizing your compressor and fleet efficiency. Our cutting-edge emissions products and services are proven, and specifically designed to help you reduce energy-related emissions and save money. For a better tomorrow.
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REE: An idea became our mission

REE is a unique and integrated engineering approach that is unparalleled in the oil and gas industry. We focus not only on individual components or compressors, but also on their interaction in plant processes.

REE stands for Reliability, Efficiency and Environmental soundness. In an REE audit, HOERBIGER experts analyze and benchmark existing machines. Then they determine opportunities for optimization in terms of reliability, efficiency and environmental soundness. Thanks to REE, HOERBIGER maximizes your machines’ performance.

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REE - Reliable, Efficient, Environmentally sound

High quality services when and where you need us

HOERBIGER has been a trusted name for quality, service, and reliability for more than 125 years. Our service facilities in the U.S. and Canada are fully equipped and employ some of the most highly trained and experienced people in the business. We are committed to providing only the best customer service to help get your recip compressors back up and running quickly and at optimal levels.

Casper, Wyoming

Casper, Wyoming
HOERBIGER Service Inc., Casper, Wyoming

La Porte, Texas

La Porte
HOERBIGER Service Inc., La Porte, Texas

Port Allen, Louisiana

Port Allen, Louisiana
HOERBIGER Service Inc., Port Allen, Louisiana
Your one-stop shop for all your recip compressor service and repair needs
Component Repair Services
  • Ariel distributor
  • Valve repair (CNC, HOERBIGER and all other OEMs)
  • Packing case repair
  • Air testing and serialization for all valves and cases
  • Wiper case repair/upgrade
  • Piston rod inspection/repair/upgrade
  • Piston inspection/conversions
  • Single and multi-piece pistons
  • Piston nut torquing
  • MAG particle testing
  • Crossheads and pins
  • Crankshafts and bearings
  • Connecting rods and bushings
  • Cylinder reboring/relining
  • Cooler retubing
  • Piston rings, rider bands and packing upgrades
  • Air-to-load (ATL) & Air-to-unload (ATU) actuator designs
Repair Processes
Rotary Screw & Air End Compressor Service
Field Services
Onsite Engineering Staff Support
HOERBIGER also offers these specialized services in the U.S. and Canada
Process Compressor Upgrades & Overhauls

HOERBIGER specializes in repairing and packaging reciprocating compressors used in the refining, petrochemical, gas, and manufacturing industries – including cleaning for oxygen service.

Compressor Parts Supply
Dual-Wire Metal – Cylinder Spraying
Thread Rolling
Rotary Screw & Air End Compressor Service
HydroCOM Sales and Service
Certified Oxygen Cleaning Service
Process Compressor Upgrades & Overhauls
Process Compressor Upgrades & Overhauls
Compressor Parts Supply
Compressor Parts Supply
Dual-Wire Metal Cylinder Spraying
Dual-Wire Metal Cylinder Spraying
Thread Rolling
Thread Rolling

From technical and engineering support to shop or field services, we have a solution for all your recip needs

Fast Response Cell

We excel in solving easier and more complex problems for both your shorter and longer-term service needs.

Port Allen O2 room

Our highly skilled technicians and best-in-class engineering experts ensure that we get it right the first time, every time.

Port Allen Rings and Riders

We continually strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Learn more about our products and services here:

Components for reciprocating compressors
HOERBIGER is one of the world's leading suppliers of performance-defining components for reciprocating compressors.
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Services for reciprocating compressors

Tailor-made performance in service. Customer focus the HOERBIGER way.

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Enabling zero emissions.
Climate change's impact can already be seen across the globe. To mitigate these effects, we help our oil and gas industry customers lower emissions and meet stricter environmental standards, while also lowering operational costs and maximizing compressor efficiency.
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United States

Phone: +1 307 265 3244

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