Services for reciprocating compressors
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Industry Qualification – Your training program

HOERBIGER’s qualification program enables you to strengthen your IQ as well as to become an expert in your daily work and especially in your industry. Follow your individual qualification path for even more success through professional development.

HOERBIGER offers you a completely modular training catalog. Because we want to ensure that the right training is available for you and your level of knowledge. In our "menu", you will find 24 different training modules that you can attend online – Because they only take 1.5 hours each. In our "Knowledge Sessions" we have already compiled a comprehensive training for you. Here, you can choose whether you want to start with the basics or directly acquire expert knowledge. But that's not all: In our "Overhaul School", consisting of theory and practice, you implement your received theoretical knowledge directly into practice on our training compressor. The HOERBIGER "Training Academy" offers you the complete package: Starting with the theoretical introductory through to practical exercises, you will become an industry expert in 10 days.

Your qualification path

Introductory level

On this level we provide all the relevant fundamentals to achieve a good technical understanding of reciprocating compressors theory and working principles. This is not just the pure basics, but on this level, we also offer less complex topics. These trainings are highly recommended graduates, and career changer.

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Advanced level icon
Advanced level

If you already have good knowledge and experience in a subject area, our training offering on an advanced level is exactly what you need. In these trainings you can deepen your knowledge about compressors and expand your professional skills in key areas on a system level. To participate in trainings on this level, you can attend courses from the introductory level in advance.

Expert level

For the step to be an absolute expert in a specialist area, we recommend this highest qualification level. With the relevant professional experience or participation in training courses of the two previous levels, you will receive comprehensive specialist knowledge at expert level. At the end, a short test is conducted to check your level of knowledge. This will be noted on the certificate, of course.

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Our offering at a glance

A hand holding a refinery on a tray
Our digtial training “menu” for you

Choose what suits your “taste” best

  • Training catalog
  • 24 modules
  • 1.5 h each 

Already experienced

  • Getting to know each other
  • Flexible booking
  • Online offering

All Professional groups

  • Update your knowledge
  • Dive deep in specific topics
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Meet us on-site to improve your theoretical know-how in our Knowledge Sessions

The selected program for you

  • Training packages
  • 3 levels (introductory to expert level)
  • 2 days each

New in business

  • Modular approach 
  • Training on demand
  • Classroom sessions (online)

 Technical professional groups

Qualification path (continuing)

Combination of a mechanic and a refinery
Hands-on – connection between theory and practice in our Overhaul School

Hands-on experience

  • 2 days practical theory
  • 2 days hands-on training (at the recip compressor)


  • Yearly scheduled
  • Classroom sessions and practice (offline)

 Operators and maintenance manager

  • Qualification path (continuing education)
  • Practical knowledge
A transparent head of a mechanic looking at a refinery in the background
Become an industry expert for a sustainable future with the HOERBIGER Training Academy

Shaping reciprocating compressor experts

  • 6 days theory
  • 2 days practical theory
  • 2 days hands-on training

Your talents

  • Yearly scheduled
  • Classroom sessions and practice (offline)

Rotating equipment engineers

  • Full reciprocating compressor knowledge
  • Technical diploma