Emissions Control Panels in different versions

ECP - Emissions Control Panels

“Due to HOERBIGER’s standardized, modular and flexible panels, there was no need for lengthy technical alignment, and the integration was effortless.

Refinery in Italy
Keep fugitive emissions under control - the new Emission Control Panel

What are Emissions Control Panels?

Nitrogen purging is an effective way to eliminate uncontrolled gas leaks from compressors. Reducing or preventing hazardous emissions increases your employees’ safety on the compressor deck and protects the environment. You can drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions when Emissions Control Panels are coupled with a flaring or recovery system. Purge pressure regulation also minimizes nitrogen consumption and thus lowers the total cost of ownership.

Thanks to standardization of our Emissions Control Panels product range and a clever modular design, you just need to pick the model that suits you best. There’s no need for lengthy technical studies.

How do the Emissions Control Panels work?

The Emissions Control Panel monitors the health status of the main and intermediate packings over time. This allows you to switch from preventive maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

To ensure optimal performance and safety over its entire service life, HOERBIGER has selected premium materials and components from Swagelok® to create a durable Emissions Control Panel system that meets the highest quality standards in the industry. Operating autonomously with no electrical components, the Emissions Control Panel is ATEX registered for use in explosive atmosphere (Zone 2 areas) and API 618 compliant.

What are the advantages of using Emissions Control Panels?

With HOERBIGER Emissions Control Panel you keep fugitive emissions under control and thus protect operating personnel and the environment.

No risk to personnel on the  compressor deck

The nitrogen barrier routes all packing leakage to the vent line.

Environmental protection and achievement of the emission targets

The nitrogen barrier routes all packing leakage to the vent line. 

Lower total cost of ownership

Purge pressure control minimizes nitrogen consumption.

Avoid equipment damage due to failure or wrong regulation.

Two pressure relief valves protect both the packing and the distance piece, even in case of failure.

Allows higher availability and enables condition-based maintenance.

Individual packing monitoring

Flexible solution that can be extended in the future.

Digitalization and remote monitoring

Higher reliability without costing a fortune

The closed version is NACE compliant.

High quality of components

Standardization allows to be flexible without being cheap on components.

refinery at night

Thanks to the provision for digital instruments, we know we can integrate the panel with the plant’s Distributed Control System whenever we are ready, so that we don’t interfere with our plant outage schedule

Refinery, Spain


The perfect option for all your needs: The HOERBIGER nitrogen panel is available in three variants.


The LITE class nitrogen panels are best suited for minimizing gas leaks. They are the perfect solution for compressors which are vented to atmosphere or to a near-constant pressure flare system.


The EXPERIENCE class of nitrogen panels are designed to minimize nitrogen consumption and are the perfect solution for most process gas systems in refineries or petrochemical plants, as they offer the added advantage over the LITE panels of dynamic regulation of nitrogen pressure to the main packings.


The EXCITE class nitrogen panels offer advanced monitoring. They are the perfect solution for critical or unloaded process gas units in refineries or petrochemical plants, as the nitrogen pressure is regulated individually for each cylinder. This allows the operator to monitor the condition of each individual packing and time-consuming inspections can be avoided.

Selection table for individual needs and the appropriate panel
Overview Nitrogen Panel LITE - EXPERIENCE - EXCITE

Emissions Control Panels are fully meeting our expectations. The features and advantages of the different models are very intuitive to understand, so we could easily choose the model that’s right for us.

Refinery, France
ECP Emissions Control Panels


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