Laser Gas Regulator

Laser Gas Regulator

for laser cutting machines

Maximum responsiveness coupled with minimized weight – the foundation for high-speed laser applications

The cutting gas control system from HOERBIGER merges the features that are crucial for future-oriented laser cutting:

  • High gas pressure
  • Fast, precise gas pressure control
  • High flow rate and low valve weight
  • Low power consumption

These factors push the limits regarding speed, precision, and stability in the cutting process.

Gas pressure control valve with pilot valves:

  • Maximum dynamics
  • Gas-tight pilot valves
  • Back-pressure resistent gas selector valves (no check valves)
  • Rapid gas pressure changes
  • Extremely stable gas control performance
  • Entire cutting gas function in one unit
  • Compact design and low weight

Cutting gas regulation is one of the key factors for outstanding cutting results and machine productivity.

We at HOERBIGER can help you optimize your entire gas supply and offer you sophisticated cutting gas solutions in order to achieve the best cutting performance with your machine.

Global Product Manager Piezo Technology
LasGAR Basic
Short profile

The LasGAR Basic is a flexible and modular Piezo gas regulation system for laser cutting machines with low and medium laser power.

Technical data
LasGAR Plus
Short profile

The LasGAR Plus is a proportional pressure control valve, which controls the flow of cutting gas during laser cutting. It can be integrated with the laser device into a laser cutting machine. There are two alternatives regarding interfaces: one analogue version and a digital version.

Technical data
Laser Gas Regulator for laser cutting machines

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